NOVITEC’s Ferrari F8 Spider Is Big on Carbon Fiber and Power

The result is an engine that produces 802 HP, sending the F8 Spider to 62 MPH in 2.6 seconds and onto a top speed of over 211 MPH. Sound is produced via a new superlight INCONEL and 999 fine-gold-plated exhaust system, while a new set of sport springs lower the car’s center of gravity by 35mm — and for times when you need to get over humps in the road, NOVITEC’s new lifting system can raise the front of the car by 40mm at the touch of a button.

As for visual updates, the Spider now sits on 21” and 22” rims at the front and rear respectively made by Vossen that are finished in “Satin Bronze,” which subsequently perfectly off-set the stunning black paint job and lashings of carbon fiber. Precise-fit components can be painted in the body color or can be ordered in a high-gloss-covered, naked carbon look, which further highlights the new two-piece front spoiler, canards, NOVITEC hood insert, door handles, and side mirrors. 

More carbon has been added to the rocker panels and the air intakes behind the doors, while a ducktail lip in carbon has also been added alongside a re-designed rear diffuser.


source: by Eric Brain

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