MB&F: The HM10 Panda For Only Watch Comes Out Of The Jungle

For the ninth edition of Only Watch, MB&F transformed their HM10 Bulldog into a panda bear. This creates a piece unique which is the hallmark of this biennial charity auction, with 99% of all the proceeds go to fund the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. For MB&F, it wasn’t the first time they selected a panda bear to take center stage in their creations for Only Watch, as in 2011, it was a miniature version of this mammal that flew on top of their HM4. As this is a disease that mainly affects young boys, and the panda bear is one of the cutest animals around, MB&F founder Max Büsser thought it more than appropriate to make it the main inspiration. The fact that his own first teddy bear was a panda, might also play a role in this.

While the Only Watch line-up was already shared by the charity, just drawings of the MB&F existed, as the watch was not finished yet. Now it walks out of the jungle, looking even more impressive than the HM10 Bulldog is based on. To recreate the animal’s black and white color scheme, MB&F recreated the body of the watch in stainless steel so that it could be coated with black and white lacquer. Ears were crafted from titanium, while the tail is ceramic. What hasn’t changed is the watch’s features, with two revolving domes telling the time and its power reserve indicated by the mouth. The MB&F HM10 Panda for Only Watch will be auctioned on Saturday, November 6th in Geneva, and has an estimate of CHF 100,000 – 150,000

source: hautetime.com BY MARTIN GREEN 

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