First Look at Kanye’s adidas YEEZY QNTM “Amber Tint”

Timing couldn’t have been better for this specific makeup to emerge as its palette aligns perfectly with that of the leaves shifting colors during this time of the year. On the side panels, you’ll find the silhouette’s traditional wavy stripes that adorn quarters, all of which have Autumnal hues of brown, bronze and beige embedded into them. The mesh layer in the background also appears to be tinted with a slight yellow skin to further echo its Fall-friendly motif. The rest of the kicks are done up in familiar fashion as the collars are executed with the same black synthetic skins, the lower heels sports the same reflective paneling and a majority of the midsole is styled with a milky finish.

Early reports have these scheduled for a November 27 release, but adidas and YEEZY Supply have not confirmed this yet. Retail will be the usual $250 USD.

source: by Elliot Santiago

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