Ulysse Nardin Blast Free Wheel

In essence, is that Blast Free Wheel a time-only timepiece with a tourbillon. Of such watches, there is no shortage in the world of Haute Horlogerie, yet Ulysse Nardin gave it such a twist that it becomes unlike any other. It achieved this by scattering different parts of the movement seamlessly at random on the dial. As there is not always a visible connection between them, it adds a generous dash of magic to an already extraordinary watch. Ulysse Nardin knows how to set the stage for this, with the charismatic, 44mm large, Blast case, which holds a domes sapphire crystal. This allows plenty of light to enter the dial and enables you to admire all the details from close by.

Against a stunning backdrop that differs with each different version of the Blast Free Wheel, Ulysse Nardin beautifully displays its technical supremacy. The manual wound movement can hold enough power for a period of seven days. The flying tourbillon comes with an escapement wheel, balance spring, and anchor in silicium. This reduces friction without the need for lubrication and makes the watch less susceptible to magnetic fields. To further increase the precision of the movement, did Ulysse Nardin equip the Blast Free Wheel with a constant escapement, regulating the power released to the tourbillon. This makes the watch the perfect example of how advanced technological capabilities help Ulysse Nardin to express itself fully. Unlike any other, it results in watches and achieves a true synergy between mechanical excellence and avant-garde design.

source: hautetime.com BY MARTIN GREEN

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