The Most Complex Skeleton Diving Watch : A Look At Ulysse Nardin’s New Diver x Skeleton

On the heels of the massive success of the DIVER X SKELETON in blue, which sold out upon its release in 2021, the iconic Ulysse Nardin timepiece has returned in a new colorway: black. The relaunch encompasses 175 new pieces in black Carbonium® with a contrasting yellow rubber strap and a black R-STRAP made of upcycled fishing nets.

Climate Change Breaks Plant Immune Systems. Can They Be Rebooted?

AS WEEDS GO, Arabidopsis thaliana is a rather charming specimen. On a spring day, you might see it sprouting from the cracks of a parking lot, unleashing a small riot of white flowers that give it the common name “mouse ear cress.” But its rotund leaves often bear unwelcome passengers: among them, a bacteria called Pseudomonas syringae. It sits there looking for a way into the plant, usually the stomata through which the leaf takes in water and carbon dioxide, or through a wound. That’s when things get interesting.

The Unwritten Laws of Physics for Black Women

AT THE ENTRANCE to my lab’s clean room, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror: I look like a clown. I’m drowning in a disposable coverall that hangs off of me in droopy folds, and my size 7½ feet are swallowed up by the smallest rubber boots the lab had on hand—a men’s size 12. The thick mass of curls framing my face only accentuates the caricature.