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Apple and Google crack down on Parler after violent threats

Apple and Google have told the “free speech” social media app Parler that it must begin moderating its users content, following violence at the US Capitol this week. The app — a Twitter alternative popular among Donald Trump supporters and the far-right —  has faced renewed scrutiny for its role in the planning of the attacks.

Apple unveils AirPods Max, its first over-ear noise-cancelling headphones

After months of rumors, we finally have confirmation. Apple officially (and quietly) announced its first over-ear headphones today. The AirPods Max offer active noise cancellation (ANC), hands-free access to Siri and all the current elements of Apple design for $549. Apple says these pricey headphones offer “incredible high-fidelity audio,” Adaptive EQ and spatial audio on top of their noise-cancelling abilities.

Mark Zuckerberg Accuses Apple of Having a ‘Stranglehold’ on Apps

Mark Zuckerberg has fired more shots at Apple.

During a company-wide meeting Friday, the Facebook CEO accused the tech giant of having a “stranglehold” on apps that are available for iPhones. Zuckerberg claimed the App Store policies allowed Apple to “charge monopoly rents” on third-parties, which ultimately harms innovation and user experience. Continue reading Mark Zuckerberg Accuses Apple of Having a ‘Stranglehold’ on Apps

Apple patents watch band with adjustable built-in camera

Companies have tried smartwatches with cameras built into their bands before (hello Galaxy Gear), but the fixed position usually leads to you contorting your wrist to get a good shot — and you can forget about video chats. Apple might have a solution to the problem. The company just received a patent for an Apple Watch band whose built-in camera is designed to be positioned almost any way you like. It looks like one of the company’s loop bands, but includes an extended segment with at least one camera on the end. You’d just have to pull, retract and twist this section to capture your ideal shot.

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