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Gagosian Is Now Representing American Artist Derrick Adams

Gagosian has announced the representation of American artist Derrick Adams. Globally celebrated for showcasing Black daily life through a vibrant and optimistic aesthetic, Adams has been tackling an array of projects as of late, from his first solo exhibition in Asia to launching his own namesake branch of editions.

“Listen to the Solitude” in Meguru Yamaguchi’s Latest Solo Exhibition

Meguru Yamaguchi is the New York City-based artist best known for his sculptural paintings portraying unruly brushstrokes. Meguru recently launched two concurrent solo exhibitions in Tokyo under the singular title, “Listen to the Solitude.” For both shows, the artist displays a selection of new three-dimensional pieces that are inspired by the “dynamics of solar prominence,” meditative states and the flow of energy inside the human body. “The main theme of this entire show is the flow of the energy that is channeled inside me, onto this earth and universally,” said the artist to HYPEBEAST.