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 BOMBERG Presents First Ever Watch To Incorporate Hemp Leaves

True to its rebellious form, BOMBERG has launched the first ever watch to incorporate hemp leaves. As its name suggests, the “BB01 Automatic Cure The Bulldog” is rooted in nurtured relationships with man’s best friend – the dog. The brand’s connection to dogs is nothing new. Since BOMBERG’s launch in 2012, its main ambassador, which featured in its original adverts, was an English bulldog named Bolt. Bolt has become the brand’s friendly mascot and currently resides in Mexico where most of the BOMBERG in-house team lives.


Men are notorious for not taking care of themselves. Why? I’m not sure. It could be the “suck it up” attitude so many of us are raised with. It could also be because we men are impatient creatures and taking time away from stuff we’d rather be doing seems like a waste. But the time has come for men to get with the program–a wellness program. Continue reading 10 ESSENTIAL SELF-CARE TIPS FOR MEN

Healing Herb? Marijuana Could Treat These 5 Conditions

It’s now legal to use marijuana to treat certain medical conditions in 25 states, but the Food and Drug Administration has still not approved the marijuana plant as a treatment for any disease or health issue. That’s because there haven’t been enough large studies of the drug to show that its benefits outweigh the risks in patients who use it, said the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). And in order to gain approval, researchers also need show that marijuana is safer or more effective than existing treatments for certain conditions.

Continue reading Healing Herb? Marijuana Could Treat These 5 Conditions