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CDC Urges Americans to Avoid Cruise Ships Amid Surges in Omicron

The cruise industry may have suffered another major blow.

A day after COVID cases reached a record high, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an advisory warning Americans about the potential dangers of cruise travel. The agency cited the recent spike in COVID-19 cases that have been reported on ships around the world. According to the CDC, cruise ships operating in U.S. waters tallied more than 5,000 COVID cases between Dec. 14 and Dec. 29—a drastic increase from the previous two weeks, in which just 162 cases were confirmed. 

Medical Expert Says COVID-19 May Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Although medical experts have suggested that the coronavirus is much deadlier for men, studies have found that the male population is far less likely to take measures that could significantly reduce their chances of infection. But if the prospect of death isn’t enough to scare men into wearing masks or practice social distancing, perhaps the threat of impotence will.

The Brain May Actually Keep Generating New Cells Well Into Old Age

Scientists have long been divided over whether neurogenesis—a process involving the growth of new neurons—continues into adulthood. Last year, a controversial study published in the journal Nature posited that humans stop generating new cells in the learning- and memory-centered hippocampus region long before reaching adolescence. Now, research published in Nature Medicine shifts the debate back in favor of late-in-life neurogenesis: As Sharon Begley reports for STAT, the latest findings suggest humans are actually capable of producing fresh cells well into their 90s. Continue reading The Brain May Actually Keep Generating New Cells Well Into Old Age