Savage Giraffe Tramples Lion in Latest ‘Planet Earth 2’ Clip

Betting actual money on the behavior of wild animals isn’t the best idea ever, but the latest Planet Earth II water cooler moment suggests there’s a clear favorite in any possible showdown: giraffes. In a Hitchcock-ian twist not seen on the small screen since How I Met Your Mother‘s 2014 fumble, the BBC One docuseries shocked viewers with footage of a giraffe literally walking all over a lion:

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Short Documentary: NZINGHA

With the Summer Olympics right around the corner, we will once again experience the kind of stories and emotions competitive sports are able to deliver. The underdog winning against all odds, the has-been with a last shot at redemption, the millisecond photo-finish, the ecstatic joy of a gold medal winner and the crushing disappointment of those losing out after years of hard training. As well as probably a couple of new world records and maybe even some ‘firsts’ in a few of the given disciplines. The heroine of Anderson Wright’s short documentary NZINGHA also has the chance to make history – should Nzingha Prescod medal individually in women’s foil fencing at the Rio Olympics, she will be the first African-American woman to do so in the history of the sport.

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What Playgrounds Look Like Around the World

KIDS ARE KIDS the world over—they love to run and yell and play in the sun. The difference is where it happens. Children at a school in Bethlehem take recess behind thick walls to protect them from gunfire, while youngsters in Tokyo amuse themselves on a rooftop seven stories up. Playgrounds vary by location and circumstance, but play remains the same.

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