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Elmgreen & Dragset Present “The Nervous System” at Pace New York

Purveyors of large-scale installations, Berlin-based art duo, Elmgreen & Dragset have unveiled a new exhibition titled “The Nervous System.” Housed at Pace gallery’s New York flagship, the two have recreated what appears to be a dysfunctional home. 

The Immersive Superblue Experience Is Coming to London and New York

The groundbreaking art exhibition, Superblue, is coming to London and New York in the fall. First launched in Miami by Pace Gallery, featuring some of the worlds leading experiential artists, from Es Devlin to James Turrell, Superblue aims to transport you into otherworldly realms through an alluring use of form and color. 

New Exhibition in Oakland Traces the History of Hip-Hop

On August 11, 1973, Clive Campbell (aka DJ Kool Herc) set up two turntables inside the rec room of an apartment complex in the West Bronx for his sister’s birthday party. As he volleyed between the drum breaks on each record, creating a new sound that had never been heard before, little did he realize that his DJ set would mark the birthplace of hip-hop.

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