Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 8

Sometimes an Haute Complication isn’t the sum of its different complication, but rather consists out of how the complication itself has been brought to life. That is for sure the case with the eight edition of Harry Winston’s Histoire de Tourbillon.

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10 Watches That Tell Time Differently

The vast majority of watches stick to traditional hour and minute hands to display the time, but a handful of bold manufacturers use their technical prowess to find new, innovative, and often downright audacious methods to indicate the hours, minutes, and occasionally even other functions. Below is a list of unusual watches that deviate from the conventional time-telling style, finding creative alternatives to hour and minute hands.

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After a hiatus of two years, Harry Winston and the Opus are back on the dance floor with a Rock ‘N’ Roll timepiece.

They are calling it the “Jukebox on your wrist” as it has a stack of four disks with different time displays — local time, GMT time, date and a star bearing the signature of Mr. Harry Winston — that slide out like vinyl records in a jukebox on demand.

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