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‘I Would See People Get Shot in the Face:’ TikTok Ex-Moderators Sue Over On-the-Job Trauma

A small army of overworked content moderators is the public’s last line of defense against a flood of depraved and horrific content uploaded to social media. While the moderators help us normal users avoid the worst of the worst, constant exposure to humanity’s darkest impulses can wreak havoc on their mental health. Now, two former moderators at TikTok are alleging the quickly growing social media giant skimped on mental health treatment for moderators struggling to deal with an onslaught of digital nightmares.

Like Facebook, Instagram Is About to Go—Algorithmic

IF YOU’RE ANYTHING like me, you follow a whole lot of people on Instagram. (Maybe even a few too many—you’ve got over 400 million people to choose from.) You likely follow your friends,some family, a few phenomenal photographers (ahem, HONY), lots of dogs/foodies/world travelers, and maybe a brand or two you like (maybe!). And yet your Instagram is really about you—it reflects your world and what you want to see. Sure, its an idealistic, hyper-curated world, but still it’s a visual feed for you and only you.

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Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think

A few months ago during a family reunion, my husband wanted to show visiting relatives photos of our home renovation. He brought up myInstagram feed on his laptop and started showing family members photos I took of the house. I bristled instantly. Right next to the photos of my kitchen and bathroom were selfies. Lots of selfies. Selfies showing off my makeup, selfies of what I wore, selfies of me in my new glasses. There were also photos of food, my cat and my shoes. Out of the context of an Instagram feed, I came off as narcissistic, self-centered. I was embarrassed.

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