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Crescere Concept Yacht – 132 meters of innovation and luxury

Crescere in Latin translates to “to grow,” and with the revolutionary design by U.S. based designer J. David Weiss brings forward greener technologies and aims at a yacht going green, albeit with many styles. The superyacht imbibes the persona of a modern-day luxury vessel while having a fresher, greener outlook.


For the Swiss watchmaking industry, 2020 was not a great year. It was actually bad for everyone, obviously, but the hard times that fell on many as the coronavirus pandemic shut down entire industries inevitably put a dent in the luxury goods market in general. One casualty was the offbeat Romain Jerome (RJ) studio, famous for their sophisticated luxury mechanical timepieces often created with superhero tie-ins, like Spider-Man.

Roger Dubuis Is Holding Court With The Latest Edition Of The Knights Of The Round Table

The tale of King Arthur and his legendary knights has captivated generations and was, for Roger Dubuis, the inspiration to create the Knights of the Round Table. The watches in this collection are quite unique, as Roger Dubuis took an artistic approach, in which they combine craftsmanship with the use of disruptive materials.