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 BOMBERG Presents First Ever Watch To Incorporate Hemp Leaves

True to its rebellious form, BOMBERG has launched the first ever watch to incorporate hemp leaves. As its name suggests, the “BB01 Automatic Cure The Bulldog” is rooted in nurtured relationships with man’s best friend – the dog. The brand’s connection to dogs is nothing new. Since BOMBERG’s launch in 2012, its main ambassador, which featured in its original adverts, was an English bulldog named Bolt. Bolt has become the brand’s friendly mascot and currently resides in Mexico where most of the BOMBERG in-house team lives.

How to Get Your Weed Record Expunged

After criminalizing cannabis for so long, more states across the US are shifting their policies and legalizing the plant. At least 16 states and Washington, DC, have made recreational weed legal, while 19 states have a medical cannabis program in place. New York celebrated when it became one of the latest states to join the recreational marijuana club. But in all of this excitement, there’s one issue that remains: What happens to all of the people who have criminal records because of weed?

Can you overdose on weed?

Back in May of 2019, a coroner in Louisiana claimed to have recorded the first death exclusively caused by weed.

Toxicology results for a woman who died suggested she was killed by an excess amount of THC, the primary psychoactive component of weed, the coroner, Christy Montegut, told the New Orleans Advocate. Montegut failed to find anything else—drugs, alcohol, disease—that could have attributed to her death.