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Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Goes 34x Platinum

There’s a reason why Michael Jackson is widely known as The King Of Pop, and it’s a simple one. His music remains timeless, with many classic singles remaining relevant decades after their initial release. To this day, MJ continues to run numbers, to the point where his Thriller album has been certified once more by the RIAA…

For the thirty-fourth time.

How Sony paved the way for modern music production

On May 7th, 1946, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita founded ’Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo’, the company that would later become Sony. After its beginnings making tape recorders and transistor radios, it rapidly expanded into myriad industries. From its ‘My First Sony’ range to early cameraphones, virtual reality headsets to Digital Audio Tapes, Sony has always tried new things, with varying degrees of success. On the company’s 75th anniversary, we’ve put together a series of articles about our experiences with some of its more interesting and unusual products.

JAY-Z To Reportedly Sell TIDAL for $350 Million USD

Music mogul JAY-Z is reportedly selling his TIDALstreaming service for a whopping $350 million USD.

XXL Magazine reports that JAY-Z is selling TIDAL to Square Inc., a financial company owned by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The deal gives Square 80 percent ownership of TIDAL, as well as allows the company to acquire the licensing deals with all major record labels. However, artists and owners are expected to stay with TIDAL. Additional information indicate that Square Inc. is set to pay $297 million USD in cash and stocks.