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Tourbillons: Why Settle For One?

Why do brands include more than one tourbillon to a watch movement? The primary answer to that question is because it makes the watch more accurate. Originally developed to limit/eliminate the influence of gravity, the tourbillon is still the most efficient in a pocket watch, because that remains mostly in the same position. Their effectiveness in wrist watches is limited, but two (or more) is always better, as a differential can take the average rate of the tourbillons and combine them into a single output, which will, by the law of averages be more precise. These are some of our favorite watches with double tourbillons!

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Hands-on With The Ralph Lauren RL Automotive Double Tourbillon

Is there anything more American than Ralph Lauren? Not only did he redefine American style, but his success has also spread it all over the world, becoming one of the most recognizable brands around the world. With the expansion of his empire, it was inevitable that he would touch on watches sooner or later. When prominent fashion brands venture into timepieces, they have two options. The most commonly used option is to make relatively inexpensive watches and induce them with some of your brand’s style elements. Although this maximizes profit, these type of watches usually does not entice watch enthusiasts. Fortunately, Ralph Lauren took another route and created a collection of enticing, high-end watches that bear his character, such as the new RL Automotive Double Tourbillon.

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