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How to Protect Species and Save the Planet—at Once

HUMANITY IS STRUGGLING to contain two compounding crises: skyrocketing global temperatures and plummeting biodiversity. But people tend to tackle each problem on its own, for instance deploying green energies and  carbon-eating machines, while roping off ecosystems to preserve them. But in a new report, 50 scientists from around the world argue that treating each crisis in isolation means missing out on two-fer solutions that resolve both. Humanity can’t solve one without also solving the other.

Researchers Discover Some Brain Cells Come Alive and Grow Hours After Death

They’re calling it a “zombie gene.”

A new study published in Scientific Reports challenges the widespread belief that brain activity comes to a halt immediately at death or shortly after. Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago found that glial cells not only come alive, but also increase in size and grow arm-like appendages hours after a person dies. Study author Jeffrey Loeb, head of neurology and rehabilitation at the UIC’s College of Medicine, said the findings weren’t “too surprising” as the glial cells are inflammatory “and their job is to clean things up after brain injuries like oxygen deprivation or stroke.”

Warp Drive Is No Longer Science Fiction. The Physics of Faster-Than-Light Travel

Einstein’s theory of general relativity puts a speed limit on all matter in the universe, creating a barrier preventing acceleration from below to above the speed of light.

However, an independent group of scientists, inventors, and engineers called Applied Physics recently proposed the first model for a physical warp drive, according to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal Classical and Quantum Gravity.