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Created by Dutch animation studio Job, Joris & Marieke – named after the trio who created it, who openly describe it as “probably the most uncreative studio name ever” – having followed their work for years now, Heads Together feels like their most ambitious piece to date. The self-taught animators first came to my attention back in 2012 and have since developed a recognisable style through a series of commissioned work, music videos and an Oscar-nominated short. At 21-minutes long, this is a real test (which they obviously passed) of their filmmaking/storytelling powers and a step towards one of their studio goalsof making a feature film.

Short Film: Change Return

Inspired by the surreal vision of an animal using a vending machine, Robert Findlay’s Change Return portrays a dystopian world where people live underground and are serviced by smiley-faced, urinal-shaped, floating robots. The story of a hungry man, trying to survive in this brave new world, Findlay’s 5-minute animation paints a vivid picture of a future where technology can fix anything (even dismembered pigs), at a price. Continue reading Short Film: Change Return

Short Film: Second to None

Anyone who has a sibling has felt a bit of rivalry at some point in their life. Growing up in my older sister’s shadow, I certainly spent a big portion of my early childhood plotting her demise. However, I never took it quite as far as Frederick, the bitterly jealous twin in Vincent Gallagher’s deadly funny Second to None. With deliciously dark humour and intricate set designs, revealing new, ingenious touches with every watch, this seven-minute stop-motion is a gift that keeps on giving, delighting audiences young, old and everyone in between. Continue reading Short Film: Second to None

Short Film: Animals

What happens when a bunch of people are trapped on a speeding train? Hopefully not what you’re about to see in Tue Sanggaard’s Animals… One of our favourite grad films to come out of Denmark’s Animation Workshop this year, the six minute animation is an explosion of jaw-dropping hilarity, bad taste taste, and sheer brilliance. NSFW, with nudity and graphic violence, Animals is not for the faint of heart. If like me, you get a kick out of seeing a bunch of humans getting naked, pissing everywhere and beating the living shit out of one another just for lols, then you are in for a real naughty treat! Continue reading Short Film: Animals