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Short Film: Kitbull

This Pixar short, Kitbull, from director Rosana Sullivan and producer Kathryn Hendrickson, is the latest in their new SparkShorts series. It tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a tiny homeless cat and a loving pit bull that’s forced to compete in dog fights. Like most Pixar shorts, Kitbull is light in the way of dialogue and instead relies on telling its heartbreaking/heartwarming story through the interactions between its titular pair of animal pals. Continue reading Short Film: Kitbull

Short Film: Mamoon

Animation grew out of shadow play, and its spirit is revived, via cutting-edge software, in this luminous film. Towering polystyrene blocks serve as the canvas for a complex light display in which brightness and darkness clash. Using only these elements, director Ben Steer (of London’s Blue Zoo studio) tells the tale of a community torn apart when their sun is blotted out. Continue reading Short Film: Mamoon

Short Film: LINK

In a land of fast-growing trees and mysterious mountains, two characters joined by their hair struggle to chase their desires because of the physical connection between them in Robert Löbel’s Link. Returning to the site for the first time in just under five years, Löbel’s eight minute short tackles themes of relationships and connections with the same stylish design and comic touches that made us fall head-over-heels for his 2013 grad film Wind. Continue reading Short Film: LINK

Short Film: Jonas and the Sea

From Dutch director and animator, Marlies van der Wel and the Dutch production company, HALAL, comes a spectacularly illustrated story about a man’s relentless pursuit of his dream to find a home amongst the fish. Quirky and all together charming, Jonas and the Sea reminds us that the most simple of tales can sometimes be the most compelling, especially when art is imbued with life experience. Continue reading Short Film: Jonas and the Sea

Short Film: Shock Therapy

From Coulrophobia to Nyctophobia, fear has been a staple focus for storytellers for years, but whilst most filmmaker’s look to exploit a viewer’s fears for jumps and tension, Bali Engel and Matthieu Landour’s Shock Therapy is an altogether different beast. An uplifting and darkly comical tale of a man tackling his horrors head-on, this impeccably designed 7-minute animation won’t have you cowering behind the sofa in terror, but will instead leave you feeling inspired to face your own fears. Continue reading Short Film: Shock Therapy