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Short Film: Jonas and the Sea

From Dutch director and animator, Marlies van der Wel and the Dutch production company, HALAL, comes a spectacularly illustrated story about a man’s relentless pursuit of his dream to find a home amongst the fish. Quirky and all together charming, Jonas and the Sea reminds us that the most simple of tales can sometimes be the most compelling, especially when art is imbued with life experience. Continue reading Short Film: Jonas and the Sea

Short Film: Shock Therapy

From Coulrophobia to Nyctophobia, fear has been a staple focus for storytellers for years, but whilst most filmmaker’s look to exploit a viewer’s fears for jumps and tension, Bali Engel and Matthieu Landour’s Shock Therapy is an altogether different beast. An uplifting and darkly comical tale of a man tackling his horrors head-on, this impeccably designed 7-minute animation won’t have you cowering behind the sofa in terror, but will instead leave you feeling inspired to face your own fears. Continue reading Short Film: Shock Therapy

An Artist Turned the Chaos of Urban Sprawl Into a Series of Hypnotic Animations

At some point, you’ve probably found yourself mindlessly scrolling around Google Maps’ satellite view while bored at work. But artist Páraic McGloughlinsaw Google Maps as more than just a distraction, and by painstakingly capturing very specific road layouts and agricultural features, he was able to create a series of captivating animations. Continue reading An Artist Turned the Chaos of Urban Sprawl Into a Series of Hypnotic Animations

The Future of Farming Has Never Looked Scarier Than in This Eerie Short Film

A family of farmers sits around the dinner table, but something’s wrong with the youngest son: He’s started to feel terribly guilty about eating the animals they raise. But this is no ordinary family, and this act of adolescent rebellion is not at all what you expect… and neither is what happens next.

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Short Film: BACCHUS

Danish school The Animation Workshop has provided us with a constant stream of content since we first discovered their work back in 2011 – when we featured The Backwater Gospeland Mighty Antlers. Seven years later and we still eagerly await the release of their grad films like an excitable five-year-old on Christmas morning. Whilst this year’s batch brings another fascinating mix of subjects and styles, we’ve chosen the hedonistic tale BACCHUS as our favourite pick from the shorts.

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Short Film: Fox and the Whale

We strive towards specificity in film storytelling because it is the antidote to the generic. It has been codified as a rule within the script-coaching industry, and it is generally solid advice. But shorts are allowed to break rules whenever they like, especially when they are self-financed passion projects like Robin Joseph’s Fox and the Whale. Joseph isn’t concerned with finding meaning through dramatization, there is no richly developed protagonist with a compelling backstory. You’re not meant to connect to his film via a recognition of the plotting of the story, but through it’s spirit. It is not a film about a fox in search for a whale in any real sense, though that is what takes place on screen, but is no less than an allegory about the meaning of searching.

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