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Wildfire smoke travels far but never really disappears

For several awful days in early September, it seemed like the entire West was burning. Unusually high winds coming off the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains fanned the flames of dozens of new wildfires that touched off from Washington to Mexico. In California alone, nearly a million acres burned in the period between September 7 and September 10.

NASA’s terrifying visualization of atmospheric aerosols

Heatwaves, hurricanes and other extreme weather might be the “face of climate change,” but it’s not the only sign. A grim new visualization from NASA shows another problem caused indirectly by global warming: airborne particles and droplets. These “aerosols,” shown on a single day on August 23rd, come from dust, volcanic ash and other sources. They’re particularly brutal this year because of fires in California, British Columbia and the southern part of Africa. Continue reading NASA’s terrifying visualization of atmospheric aerosols