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Kanye West Promises to Deliver “3 Albums a Year”

There are many charges you can level against Kanye West, but being lazy is not among them. The rapper is currently working on his next Yeezy fashion collection, finishing up the final mixes for his most recent album The Life of Pablo, while also recording the follow-uptentatively titled Turbo Grafx 16 that he’s promised to release sometime this summer. This of course is all in addition to his family life and recently becoming a dad for the second time. Undeterred by this heavy slate however, West took to Twitter this morning and announced that he was giving the world even more.

It’s hard to conceive where he’s going to find the time to accomplish such a lofty goal, but we’ll cross our fingers that he somehow manages to get it all done. Three Kanye West records in one year would certainly be cause for celebration. In the meantime we’re all still waiting patiently for more word about his proposed “Only One” video game.

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