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How Do Animals Perceive Time?

I’m writing this on a Tuesday, at 2:26 p.m. Minutes ago, it was 9 a.m., or so it feels; back then, I was enjoying the delusion, refreshed each morning, that I’d accomplish what I needed to do today. I still might—there are hours left in the workday—but I’m wiser than I was when I woke up five hours ago: it’ll be 7pm soon, the day definitively in tatters. Another of Time’s routine beatdowns.

One advantage of being a cat, or a stingray, is not having to think about time this way (and, by extension, death). But are they entirely free from the temporal plane? Do they perceive it in any way? Do some species perceive it more acutely than others? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of experts to find out.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time

When it comes to stainless steel Haute Horlogerie sports watches there is a lot to choose these days. Many are new entries, but some are part of an exclusive inner circle. Among them is the Vacheron Constantin Overseas. Revamped in 2016, the Overseas collection comes with something that many of its competitors don’t have: a world time complication.

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Strapped For Time

Sometimes there is only one way you want to see a watch: on the wrist! In its natural habitat, with clothing to match, it gives the best impression of how the watch will look around your own wrist, like one of these seven very different, yet very tempting examples.

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The Original Geophysic of 1958
With the original Geophysic of 1958, Jaeger-LeCoultre had made a watch that was not only celebratory in nature, but that was also specifically designed to be fully functional in such an unprecedented scientific endeavor. This was a watch that had to be usable by the very scientists that would undertake the work, and it had to be made to the highest standards of what the manufacture could achieve at the time.


Fun Inifinite Loop Animation Breaks the Concept of Past, Present, and Future

This quirky animation from CraveFX starts off innocently enough, a janitorial worker mops up a leaky refrigerator and then picks up a coin on the ground. It’s not until you see what causes the refrigerator to leak and why the coin is on the ground that you realize that you’re watching an intricate moving puzzle piece before your eyes. The characters are stuck in an infinite loop caused by another character in their own infinite loop. It’s chaotic and great and hard to keep up with.

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Chasing Wormholes: The Hunt for Tunnels in Space-Time

Science fiction literature is full of stories in which tunnels in space-time — known as wormholes — are used for time travel. How much fact lies within the fiction? The answer is, more than you might think. Scientists are looking at ways to use traversable wormholes (if they exist) to travel faster than the speed of light — and even to travel through time itself.

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What Is the Molecular Clock, Exactly?

In the 150 years since Charles Darwin recognised the kinship of all life, scientists have worked to fulfil his dream of a complete Tree of Life. Today, the methods used to trace the evolutionary branches back through time would exceed Darwin’s expectations. Scientists across a range of biological disciplines use a technique called the molecular clock, where the past is deciphered by reading the stories written in the genes of living organisms.

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