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LG’s 325-inch Direct View LED TV is an answer to Samsung’s The Wall

You won’t have to stick to Samsung’s The Wall if you insist on a gigantic TV for your equally sprawling mansion. LG has introduced a Direct View LED (DVLED) Extreme Home Cinema line aimed squarely at “super-luxury” homes. It relies on the same basic concept of using millions of LED diodes (anywhere from 2 million to 33 million) to form a complete picture in customized shapes, but can scale to sizes that might even make Samsung blush — you can choose anything from a ‘small’ 81 inches to a room-dominating 325-inch setup.

Disney+ is reviving ‘Willow’ as a TV series

Disney is mining a different kind of nostalgia to fuel its shift toward streaming. The company has revealed plans for a Willow sequel series for Disney+ that should start production in 2021. While much of the plot is still a mystery, the show will take place “years” after the events of the movie and will mark the return of farmer-turned-hero Willow Ufgood. And yes, Warwick Davis will reprise his role.

Netflix is buying its first production studio complex

Netflix isn’t just expanding its footprint in California. The streaming behemoth is planning to open a production hub in New Mexico by acquiring Albuquerque’s ABQ Studios — its first purchase of a production studio complex. It’s making the deal (which is still in “final negotiations”) in part due to incentives, which include up to $10 million in Local Economic Development Act funding from the state as well as a maximum of $4.5 million from Albuquerque.

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Disney Could Own Part of Batman If Deal With 20th Century Fox Goes Through

Disney’s will-they-won’t-they relationship with 20th Century Fox has been going on for a few weeks now. Disney has flirted with buying Fox a few times only to back out, but it looks like this time it might actually go through, and possibly by the beginning of next week. But if the deal really does go through, have you even thought about the repercussions? Well, for starters, Disney would literally have part ownership of Batman.

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