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Tourbillons: Why Settle For One?

Why do brands include more than one tourbillon to a watch movement? The primary answer to that question is because it makes the watch more accurate. Originally developed to limit/eliminate the influence of gravity, the tourbillon is still the most efficient in a pocket watch, because that remains mostly in the same position. Their effectiveness in wrist watches is limited, but two (or more) is always better, as a differential can take the average rate of the tourbillons and combine them into a single output, which will, by the law of averages be more precise. These are some of our favorite watches with double tourbillons!

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Four Very Futuristic Watches

When you would have thought about a futuristic watch maybe a decade ago, you would probably imagine that you could use it to open doors, direct you through a city abroad you have never been to or have your car drive to you in “Knight Rider”-style. That has all become a reality with today’s smart watches. Fortunately, there are also some watchmakers that thought that it was possible to create futuristic watches that are mechanical. It is their design, unusual complications and/or use of exotic and innovative materials that set them apart.

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Ulysse Nardin Marine Grand Deck: Unnecessary Grandeur

Before we dive into the specifics of this watch, it is crucial to note that the Marine Grand Deck is a very important watch, and that is due to its unnecessary grandeur. The retrograde minute hand by itself makes the watch unnecessary complicated, even more so with the wire construction that Ulysse Nardin devised. We can even have long debates about what the flying tourbillon will add regarding precision to a wrist watch. But when that was the point, we would be better off wearing an Apple Watch, or a Casio G-Shock. The Marine Grand Deck is a testimony of how far we have come in regards to creating horological art, by creating a visual spectacle that showcases functional timekeeping by unconventional means.

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Vacheron Constantin Overseas World Time

When it comes to stainless steel Haute Horlogerie sports watches there is a lot to choose these days. Many are new entries, but some are part of an exclusive inner circle. Among them is the Vacheron Constantin Overseas. Revamped in 2016, the Overseas collection comes with something that many of its competitors don’t have: a world time complication.

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