Marvel Is Celebrating Black History Month With Some Excellent (and Free) Black Panther Comics

It’s already been a good time for the King of Wakanda lately, with the Black Panther movie earning some historic Oscar nominations, and heading back to theaters to celebrate. But Marvel’s keeping the celebration going, and highlighting Black History Month, with a sweet deal on some of the best comics Wakanda has to offer.By going over to and using the code—of course—“FOREVER,” you can pick up free digital copies of five very good slices of Black Panther comic storytelling: Black Panther #1 (2005), Black Panther: World of Wakanda #1, Marvel’s Black Panther Prelude #1, Black Panther #1 (2018), and Shuri #1. These are not just great comics, they’re also specifically great jumping-on points for the fans of the movie to dip their toes into stories of Wakanda that play on elements they know and love from the movie. And in the case of Black Panther Prelude, it’s actually set within the world of the MCU, telling a tale of how T’Challa actually first donned the Black Panther mantle before the events of Captain America: Civil War.

The 2005 Black Panther run is the series that introduced T’Challa’s genius sister Shuri into canon, and of course, you also have the first issue of her very own miniseries that kicked off last year, which has an excellent balance between Shuri’s comic book past as well as elements and aesthetics from her beloved movie counterpart played by Letitia Wright. World of Wakanda, meanwhile, focuses on another popular aspect from the films in the form of the Dora Milaje, tying into the events of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze’s critically lauded run on the character a few years ago. And then, for something fresh and completely different, you also get last year’s relaunched debut, from Coates and Daniel Acuña, which takes Black Panther to a wild, cosmic scale, delivering a gripping sci-fi tale quite unlike any other story with the character.

Suffice to say, it’s a pretty good mix—and hey, no harm in trying them all out for the low price of nothing at all, right?

source: by James Whitbrook

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