Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht

Making a complicated watch is one thing, but giving it a unique, novel appearance is something entirely different. It means that you master the mechanical challenges needed to create such a watch and control them to such an extent that you can determine the look and position of the complications on the dial. Ulysse Nardin is a brand that loves to play with these possibilities, and for them, it has become part of their DNA. An excellent example of this is the Marine Mega Yacht, an ocean-going watch that uniquely displays its rich heritage.

The Little-Known Recording of Louis Armstrong Reciting ‘The Night Before Christmas’

“This is Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong,” the voice resounds, “talking to all the kids from all over the world at Christmastime.” With that, the trumpeter and singer tucks into a lyrical, buoyant reading of “The Night Before Christmas.” He hews to the words but makes them his own in a voice that glitters with joy. When the 69-year-old describes Santa’s “little round belly /that shook when he laughed like a bowl of jelly,” he breaks into a wheezy giggle that sounds like a truck rumbling to life at a green light. 

First Look at Kanye’s adidas YEEZY QNTM “Amber Tint”

This Fall and Winter, Kanye West and his team over at adidas (XETRA:ADS.DE -0.68%) will be engineering plenty of new YEEZY offerings for you to spruce up your holiday rotation. One of the offerings that both parties have lined up is the adidas YEEZY QNTM“Amber Tint”, and it hast just been unveiled by way of detailed in-hand imagery.