Microsoft Unveils the New Surface Studio All-In-One PC

Microsoft introduced a new all-in-one desktop at the “Imagine What You’ll Do” event.

Known as the Surface Studio, Microsoft’s latest computer features a 28-inch PixelSense display that its developers labeled “thinnest display” ever produced. It comes with a Intel Core processor, a 2TB hybrid hard drive, an NVIDIA GPU, 32GB RAM and a new haptic feedback device known as the Surface Dial. The Surface Studio’s display also supports an immersive new feature known as TrueColor, which Microsoft’s Panay Panos says gives its users the ability to “render the world” as they see fit. For another new visual feature titled True Scale, users will be able to see print products at “actual scale” on the Surface Studio screen. Thanks to a “linear mic array,” Micrsoft’s new all-in-one will also be able to recognize its owner’s voice while they’re in the room. You can be properly introduced to the Microsoft Surface Studio in the promotional vignette above, while pre-orders can be purchased here.

Along with the new Surface Studio, Microsoft also announced the second generation of their Surface Book i7 laptop and rejuvenated their MS Paint program with Paint 3D. At the “Imagine What You’ll Do” showcase, the company revealed that their new 3D-centric take on Paint will come packaged with next spring’s Windows 10 Creators Update. Further supporting their Surface line, Microsoft will be dropping an Intel Core i7-based Surface Book i7 on Thursday, November 1o. The new take on the Surface Book “doubles” the performance of its previous version and allows for an additional 16 hours of battery life. Consumers will be able to purchase the Surface Book i7 in models ranging from a $2,399 USD model featuring 256GB with 8GB RAM to a $3,299 USD model featuring 1TB with 16GB RAM.

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