Jacob & Co Twin Turbo

Usually, complicated watches come with equally complicated names. Jacob & Co, however, keeps it clean, crisp and simply with the Twin Turbo. A very appropriate name by the way, because the watch features indeed two major complications, and does so in a very expressive style.

The most prominent complication is by far the two triple axis tourbillons. The whole case seemed to have been designed to give you the best view, at the most impressive angle, of this two mesmerizing devices. The rotating speed of the three axis are 40 seconds, 8 minutes and 3 minutes, and the output of both is averaged using a differential.

While the twin triple tourbillons are obvious, the second complication, although major isn’t. The gears and levers underneath the dial might give an indication that there is more going on, but to see what is really happening you either have to turn the watch over, or pull the slide on the side of the case. Then the watch will reveal that it is also equipped with a minute repeater. In fact, the Jacob & Co Twin Turbo was the very first watch ever, to combine a double triple axis tourbillon with a minute repeater. To make the watch even more special: it is not just any minute repeater, but one with a Cathedral gong, meaning that it has three different tones, instead of the usual two.

Despite being a large watch, the shape of the case makes it sit rather well on the wrist. It is well secured and actually comfortable to wear. Not that you would actually notice, as you are heavily distracted by the curved sapphire crystal under which the tourbillons perform their mesmerizing act.

The movement itself is manual wound. Not by a crown but by means of a miniature crank, which quite simply adds to the experience. That is also what one needs to realize: this is a watch that is designed and created to tantalize the senses much in the same way as a progressive Michelin star chef would do. It serves up a magnificent complex dish, in a way you have never experienced certain ingredients before.

Although there are two more subdued versions (if you can call it that) of the Twin Turbo, the 18K rose gold, combined with carbon fiber and red colored details is a very captivating piece. It celebrates the art of Haute Horlogerie in an unapologetic way, and that is exactly what makes this watch so special.

source: hautetime.com BY MARTIN GREEN

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