Here’s the Brutal Hit That Just Earned NHL Player Raffi Torres a 41-Game Suspension

If you’ve watched more than five minutes of NHL hockey at any point in your life, then you know that there are some hard hits that are dished out on the ice on a routine basis. So what in the world do you need to do to earn a 41-game suspension?

Sharks player Raffi Torres just found out. During a preseason game against the Ducks on Saturday night, he skated across the ice, targeted Jakob Silfverberg, and threw a shoulder directly into his head. It’s pretty clear that he did it on purpose, and Torres has a history of taking shots at opposing players’ heads. So a short time ago, the NHL announced that they are suspending him for half of the upcoming season.

Watch the brutal hit in the clip above. Do you think it deserved a 41-game suspension?

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