This Smart Baby Camera Can See When an Infant Stops Breathing

Any parent that’s squinted at a live feed from a baby camera, trying to spot the subtle movements that indicate their child is still breathing, will wish they had First Alert’s new Onelink Envirocam that can monitor an infant’s respiration rate from afar.

Every new parent lives in fear of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) because we still don’t know enough about the condition to fully understand why it happens. Having a baby camera in a nursery won’t help prevent it, but being able to check on a child’s breathing without having to get up a hundred times each night can at least give new parents a little more peace of mind.

The only problem is that low-quality streaming footage from a dark room, even with night vision capabilities, makes it hard to discern a tiny infant’s subtle breathing movements. But First Alert’s new hi-def Onelink Envirocam takes care of that for you, automatically detecting the micro-movements of a baby’s breathing and keeping track of respiration rates throughout the night. And it does so without requiring the baby to wear special sensor-laden clothing, or accessories that can fall off in the middle of the night.

The Envirocam features additional environmental sensors as well, allowing it to also track room temperature, humidity, sleep quality (how often a child tosses and turns), and carbon monoxide levels. The data is all made accessible via an accompanying app that provides a detailed analysis of an infant’s nursery and sleep patterns, but also immediate alerts if an urgent problem is detected.

Pricing details haven’t been revealed yet, but ask any parent what they’d spend on a baby camera that can ensure their kid is still breathing, and they’d probably be ready to mortgage their house to buy one.

source: by Andrew Liszewski

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