U.S. Orders Halt on Evictions Through 2020 Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The Trump administration announced an order Tuesday that will temporarily ban residential evictions for tens of millions of Americans.According to NPR, the moratorium gives the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the authority to prohibit evictions through the end of 2020. The move was made in response to the increasing concern over mass homelessness, as many Americans are struggling to pay their rent as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns. Health experts have also warned that a surge in evictions could exacerbate the pandemic’s spread.

Per the White House:

Under the CDC Order, American renters who meet certain conditions cannot be evicted if they have affirmatively exhausted their best efforts to pay rent, seek Government rental assistance, and are likely to become homeless due to eviction.

… It is essential during the pandemic that Americans have an effective place to quarantine, isolate, and social distance, and evicting people from residences undermines that objective.

Renters must also sign a declaration that states they expect to make no more than $99,000 in income this year ($198,000 for couples who file joint tax returns).

Though the order will undoubtedly provide relief for many households, some experts argue it doesn’t go far enough. Under the order, renters are still obligated to pay accrued rent and fees stated in their contracts once the order expires.

“My reaction is a feeling of tremendous relief,” Diane Yentel, CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, told NPR. “It’s a pretty extraordinary and bold and unprecedented measure that the White House is taking that will save lives and prevent tens of millions of people from losing their homes in the middle of a pandemic … While an eviction moratorium is an essential step, it is a half-measure that extends a financial cliff for renters to fall off of when the moratorium expires and back rent is owed.”

source: complex.com BY

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